Ecuadorian lesbians

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The clinics reportedly used cruel treatments, including rape, in an attempt to change LGBT persons' sexual orientation. Members of the LGBT community continued to report that their right of equal access to formal education was frequently violated.

Ecuadorian lesbians

The ruling was fully binding on Costa Rica and sets a binding precedent for other Latin American and Caribbean countries including Ecuador. Discrimination protections[ edit ] In , Ecuador became the first country in the Americas and only the third worldwide after South Africa and Fiji to include sexual orientation as a protected category in its Constitution.

Ecuadorian lesbians

Ecuadorian lesbians

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  1. Most of them adopted the use of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous as their primary or only treatment model a program never intended for a residential facility or for application within an institutional system.

  2. They launched a campaign on Change. Unlike ex-gay ministries, the rehab centers that practice some form of sexual orientation change efforts do not represent a centrally organized effort or a cohesive ideological movement, but rather exist as a loosely networked form of opportunistic exploitation.