Drive fantasy fascism in literary modernism sex

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This is a landmark book: One has only to think of the rapid growth during the s in work on Ezra Pound and fascism to notice the stark absence of this perspective in previous criticism. So I found a copy of Frost's book and have been reading it in off moments.

Drive fantasy fascism in literary modernism sex

This is [End Page ] a dividing line which Frost sees Lawrence refusing to cross, and to which Frost recurs throughout the rest of Sex Drives, anchoring her analyses with telling backward glances and preventing the complex dynamic of erotic and fascist fantasies being too quickly judged as a simpler fascist violence. Still, sometimes Frost could have devoted more time to isolating these strands and discussing the difficulties involved. The book offers a great history on how sadomasochism became associated with fascism as opposed to, say, a parlimentary monarchy.

Drive fantasy fascism in literary modernism sex

Drive fantasy fascism in literary modernism sex

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  1. View freely available titles: Frost remains sensitive to her texts as literary works, and she is particularly good when giving herself space to delve into extended analysis

  2. Catherine Frost's new book enters this lively forum as a particularly successful blend of broad cultural history and specific literary analyses, maintaining a necessary attachment to established fact without relinquishing her sensitivity to the nature of her texts as literary, as art. This leads the reader to dark and difficult questions, but questions well worth the asking.