Do women like to give oral sex

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I get so excited watching him that I begin to play with myself while I suck him. It's usually difficult to do because when my man knows he's going to get some, he becomes erect. Knowing that I have such control over his pleasure is flattering.

Do women like to give oral sex

It was bitter and foul, not to mention I nearly puked. We are always giggling and smiling and having fun, which is probably my favorite part.

Do women like to give oral sex

Do women like to give oral sex

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  1. I think all guys should be taught to keep that area clean and proper. I think that men are so excited to get you down there that even if you were chewing on his penis like it were a hot dog, he would grin and bear it.

  2. I used to swallow my husband's, uh, "juice" all the time. Although I did once fall asleep with "it" in my mouth.

  3. Deep throat, or as deep as you can go, and as you lift your mouth simultaneously raise your hand, circling the rest of your fingers as your hand raises.