Do old women want sex

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For a lot of women their sexual desire was quite fluid across their lives. Free from the exhaustion and constant interruptions of early family life, and past the looming fear of unwanted pregnancies, many women are newly enthusiastic about their sexual desires and have a far broader idea of what a happy and satisfying sex life might involve. This "partner gap" greatly inhibits women's social and sexual activity as they reach their senior years.

Do old women want sex

Why should I settle for anything less just because of my age? By the year , it is estimated that one in every five Americans will be 65 or over.

Do old women want sex

Do old women want sex

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  1. I go cycling and do yoga. They occasionally have sex, but mostly they enjoy each other's company, she says.

  2. For a lot of women their sexual desire was quite fluid across their lives. All those impulses and desires, for physical touch, for sex, for companionship, they're all the same.

  3. Wellborn and her husband were deeply in love, she says. Jack Parlow, a retired clinical psychologist in Toronto.