Divine crackers pink flamingos sex

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November 25, at 9: Even today the film still feels dangerous and exciting for just how far over the line of decency it travels. So the next time a pal wants to go on and on about some crazy sex they saw in a movie, show them this.

Divine crackers pink flamingos sex

By Evan Saathoff Feb. Or, yes, the dog poop scene.

Divine crackers pink flamingos sex

Divine crackers pink flamingos sex

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  1. Once the dam broke on onscreen kissing, it remained broken. John Waters recast the film with children and rewrote the script to make it kid-friendly in a project, Kiddie Flamingos.

  2. Waters has said the new version, filmed on one day with actors drawn mostly from friends' children, is in some ways more perverse than the original.