Dilantin affects the sex life

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For example, treatments exist for erectile dysfunction; lubricants can help for dry vaginas. The amygdala is emerging as a brain structure with significant involvement in sexuality in patients with epilepsy, as shown by alterations in sexual functioning after temporal lobectomy. Finding a way for partners to talk about sexual needs and concerns can break through the guilt surrounding the avoidance of discussing issues for fear of causing pain, anger or rejection.

Dilantin affects the sex life

Epilepsy can have affects on sex, and sex has effects on epilepsy. This is variable depending on the type of epilepsy a person is dealing with.

Dilantin affects the sex life

Dilantin affects the sex life

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  1. Sexuality is an important part of all of our lives. Some drugs like Dilantin can cause physical changes such as gum over-growth which has cosmetic effects.

  2. Therefore, precise evaluations of the incidence of treatment related sexual dysfunction in epileptic patients is still lacking. Physiologically men are noncompliant to erection and orgasm for a varied time period, while women might be capable to respond to additional stimulation.