Determine the sex of my baby

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As already stated, even during an ultrasound scan the doctor may not be able to find out the gender of the baby due to various circumstances. It was updated in

Determine the sex of my baby

Afterward, Julie raised her hips with a pillow, as Dr. It was updated in

Determine the sex of my baby

Determine the sex of my baby

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  1. To conceive a girl, the Shettles method advises having sex no later than two days before ovulation so that only the hardy X sperm will be alive when the egg ripens ; using the missionary position so that sperm penetrate less deeply and thus are exposed longer to the vagina's acidic secretions ; and delaying female orgasm until after the man ejaculates. The proud parents of three boys, ages 7, 6, and 2, the couple "wanted a fourth child, and wondered if there was any way to slant the odds in favor of having a girl—to have the experience of raising a daughter," says Jean.

  2. Buie, a former nurse, maintains that the Shettles method has a 75 percent success rate overall and a 95 percent rate among her clients. Flo will guide you through your pregnancy!