Demographics of party affiliation by sex

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The much larger group of voters who do not have a four-year degree is more evenly divided in partisan affiliation. Black Protestant voters remain solidly Democratic in their partisan loyalties.

Demographics of party affiliation by sex

In , the Silent Generation leaned Democratic by a wide margin: Since then, the percentage of independents has increased nine points while Republican affiliation has fallen six points. Older generations of whites lean Republican by about 10 points or more.

Demographics of party affiliation by sex

Demographics of party affiliation by sex

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  1. However, Democrats hold a slightly larger edge in leaned party identification over Republicans now than in or Party Affiliation The biggest change in partisan affiliation in recent years is the growing share of Americans who decline to affiliate with either party:

  2. But with the presidential election more than 18 months away, this report is intended to give a broad perspective on party identification.

  3. There has been less change since in the partisan leanings of those with less education. For most of the past two decades, majorities of Mormons called themselves Republicans.

  4. As the presidential election grows closer, we will update this report on trends in partisan affiliation among registered voters.