Deciding the sex of your baby

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Copel observes, "and you have to be willing to accept whatever you get. One of the few reputable studies on the subject, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found no correlation between gender and the timing of intercourse.

Deciding the sex of your baby

Abstaining for a few days before making love increases your chances of conceiving a boy. I realise this is not the correct thing to be doing now.

Deciding the sex of your baby

Deciding the sex of your baby

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  1. One method, called MicroSort , separates the X and Y sperm, then uses the desired kind to fertilize the egg either in vitro or through artificial insemination.

  2. I thought, 'It was you I loved for the last nine months, not a little girl called Zara! Elena Trukhacheva, president and medical director of the Chicago-based Reproductive Medicine Institute, explains, once embryos are created in vitro, they are sometimes screened in order to choose the healthiest ones to implant into the mother's womb.

  3. The Y-chromosome-carrying sperm the one that results in a boy if it fertilizes an egg is smaller, lighter, and faster-moving than sperm carrying the X or female chromosome.

  4. You can be a mini Mummy, too. The Pucketts charted Julie's temperature to determine ovulation, then had intercourse several days before she was set to ovulate.