Damn whos a sexy chick

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The scent of Amsterdam still hot in our nostrels, and the images of the city still burnt firmly into our eyes. One I don't discuss all that often.

Damn whos a sexy chick

Many of whom tend to knock on the windows at you and beckon you over if they like the look of you! Gareth described my face as that of "a kid in a sweet shop" and to be honest, I'd be hard pushed to disagree. The idea of viewing different cultures, different scenes, meeting different people.

Damn whos a sexy chick

Damn whos a sexy chick

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  1. A further night passed, as did Gareth's bowels after the hotel breakfast, and we set off for home.

  2. The coach itself could be desribed as a cheese burger of excitement. However, there is a reason for this, as the tour guide explained