Cross generational sex and aids hiv

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In Barbados the overall prevalence of HIV remains higher in men, but in the age group 10—19 it is more prevalent in women [ 2 ]. The second stage of sampling was done by interviewers within each polling district, who selected every fifth household for inclusion after a randomly chosen start.

Cross generational sex and aids hiv

The survey was interviewer-administered with Youth Commissioners of the Youth Department selected on the basis of experience in fieldwork and working with young people. Young people ages 15 to 24 were given three clear messages: Respondents were stratified according to age and type of sex engaged in i.

Cross generational sex and aids hiv

Cross generational sex and aids hiv

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  1. Such survey designs inflate the standard errors of any point estimates, and a Taylor linearization was used for all variance estimation. These relationships, commonly intergenerational, are linked with reduced condom use [ 4 , 6 ].