Create your own sex slave

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When she finally broke free, she snapped and decided to invoke Nightmarification to become Nightmare Purgatory and brutally kill him in revenge. Abby's and Erin's book on the physics of the paranormal is what Rowan the janitor consulted to invent ghost-summoning mechanisms. Kingsley was determined not to be so vulnerable again, which made him look for ways to increase his power and meet the criminal who found the Green Goblin's equipment.

Create your own sex slave

Calvin creates a villain in Calvin and Hobbes: The Federation in the UC Timeline of Gundam has increasingly become an example of this in recent installments.

Create your own sex slave

Create your own sex slave

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  1. Norman tries to train Victor to develop his powers so he can become a real-life superhero, but being a Wall Street Guy Victor eventually decides to use his powers for evil instead, becoming Norman's arch-enemy.

  2. Robotnik succeeds in taking over Mobius, but Sonic uses Time Travel to stop him ever being transformed from Dr Kintobor, but then a different set of villains steal the Chaos Emeralds in an attempt to infect the Big Bang and therefore the entire universe with Chaos, so Sonic has to stop his earlier self from stopping Robotnik's transformation, as the transformation safely flung the Chaos Emeralds across Mobius out of their reach. This results in Harry injecting himself with the same venom that Peter was injected with when he was bitten by the spider that gave him his powers, which theoretically should work.