Constitutional ban on same sex marriage

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Opponents of the FMA argued that no federal court has ever ordered a state to permit same-sex marriage. In a dozen swing states that decided the presidential election, moral values tied with the economy and jobs as the top issue in the campaign, according to Associated Press exit polls.

Constitutional ban on same sex marriage

States historically exercised this "public policy exception" by refusing to recognize out-of-state polygamous marriages, underage marriages, incestuous marriages, and interracial marriages. Musgrave countered that the Massachusetts marriages were court-ordered.

Constitutional ban on same sex marriage

Constitutional ban on same sex marriage

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  1. On July 14, , a cloture motion to force a direct vote on the FMA was defeated in the Senate by a margin of 50 nay votes to 48 yea votes. Constitution to place some limits on states' ability to restrict access to marriage.

  2. Despite his support of this referendum, he has claimed he will support civil partnerships for same-sex couples.

  3. Some campaign posters and adverts urged people to vote "Yes" to defend family values or run the risk of gay couples stealing or adopting their children.