Confidentiality rights of sex offenders

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Both California and Massachusetts, unlike Alaska, exercise some control over the information in their sex offender registries. Both of these acts, whether performed by law enforcement agencies or individual citizens, are more severe intrusions into an offender's privacy than simple identification. Mark Kappelhoff, Legislative Counsel for the ACLU , who have traditionally opposed sex offender registries because of the privacy risk they impose, said that "it's a problem when you put a very vague power in the hands of law enforcement officials.

Confidentiality rights of sex offenders

Implications of Access Restrictions on Confidentiality The access rules described in the previous section have two major implications in terms of the confidentiality afforded to convicted sex offenders. The public, however, may access information on level one offenders by appearing in person at the police departments, or by writing to Criminal History Systems Board. Tuesday afternoon April 14 , CDCR issued a memorandum announcing that they would review residency restrictions of the state's approximately 6, paroled sex offenders on a case-by-case basis, but the Attorney General's legal opinion supporting this policy was not disclosed.

Confidentiality rights of sex offenders

Confidentiality rights of sex offenders

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  1. In closing, it is clear that the debate over confidentiality with respect to sex offender registries is far from over. Massachusetts citizens access registry information by making requests either of the state Criminal History Systems Board CHSB or in person at local law enforcement offices.

  2. Both Massachusetts and California force requesters to provide some proof of identification, and to provide justification for their requests, in exchange for more information about the offenders in question. Does a requester need to provide personal information about him or herself and a reason for the request?