Communicating with the opposite sex

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When entering into any communication, be aware that there is a time to stay and a time to walk away. There are very easy explanations for this so here are 8 tips to help you understand how to better communicate to the opposite sex.

Communicating with the opposite sex

Males, if you are unsure whether she is asking you to help her fix or solve a problem or if she simply needs you to listen, then ask her. You understand — without giving it your conscious attention — the complex interactions that can take place between body language, facial expression, tonal nuance, word choice, eye contact, and other particulars in your extensive toolkit of human communication skills.

Communicating with the opposite sex

Communicating with the opposite sex

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  1. Females, there are some very real physical discomforts for males that are associated with too infrequent consummation. Sometimes, no resolution will be possible.

  2. The good news here is that these differences in communication skills and preferences are only to be expected once the unique genetic coding in the female and male brain is factored in.

  3. In MOST cases men are conditioned by the culture to respond in stereotypically masculine ways regardless of what self-help books attempt to convince them to do. Brizendine and other researchers.