Colour of night movie sex scene

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US video and laserdisc versions include a R-rated director's cut with 17 minutes of footage deleted from US theatrical version; among restored scenes are a shot showing Bruce Willis completely naked and more sequences describing the lesbian relationship between Jane Marsh and Lesley Ann-Warren. Then they watched a version where the nuttiness and plot were hacked out of it by a B-team of editors, who by all accounts failed miserably to create a version that anyone was happy with.

Colour of night movie sex scene

The film's pacing is slack and its suspense set-pieces, including two utterly pointless car chases and a howler where a rattlesnake plays hide-and-seek inside a mailbox, are alternately boring or ludicrous or both. The same UK bathtub scene cuts into the lullaby singing scene right after Willis moaning that he needs some sleep.

Colour of night movie sex scene

Colour of night movie sex scene

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  1. How will anyone ever solve this mystery? The French and Italian version show an extra shot absent in the US version of Willis diving into the pool before kissing his way up March's naked body.

  2. Willis looks very bored in any scene where he isn't fondling March's breasts or licking the sweat off her midriff.

  3. After reading every article and review ever written about his films that I could track down, I spent about fifteen hours interviewing Rush at his home in Beverly Hills.