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Though it never saw a major theatrical release, it garnered some critical praise; Roger Ebert gave the film his signature thumbs up, referring to it as " Freaks shot by the Blair Witch crew," and continuing to say, "The odds are good that most people will dislike this film and be offended by it. Sevigny then had a major role as a Catholic nun visiting Africa in one of three stories in 3 Needles , an anthology dealing with the prevalence of AIDS in various parts of the world. Early film work[ edit ] Sevigny encountered screenwriter and aspiring director Harmony Korine in Washington Square Park during her senior year of high school in

Chloe sevigny big love sex scene

I think they actually condone people who decide to live this lifestyle outside of fundamentalist sects. Directing and other projects[ edit ] In early , Sevigny appeared in the Canadian horror film Antibirth opposite Natasha Lyonne , which follows a small-town woman who becomes pregnant through unknown circumstances.

Chloe sevigny big love sex scene

Chloe sevigny big love sex scene

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  1. Sevigny's performance in the film was praised; Dennis Harvey of Variety called her performance in the film "convincing", [76] while Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times also referred to Sevigny as "ever-daring and shrewd.