Channel 4 sex education show

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Would you have liked a sex education show like this when you were growing up? But the final episode tomorrow night, about the consequences of sex, is undoubtedly the most useful. It seems ludicrous that young people should need to rely on a TV show like this.

Channel 4 sex education show

Channel 4 Sex education in this country is a mess. In this final programme Anna Richardson continues to educate students in sexual health matters and meets A sequence in which teenagers were shown images of penises and breasts and another that showed a close-up of the symptoms of sexually transmitted infections also attracted specific complaints.

Channel 4 sex education show

Channel 4 sex education show

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  1. Fortunately, Anna Richardson — accompanied by her impossibly shiny hair — has decided to do it.

  2. Jul 05 - Britain is top of the league when it comes to sex; but for all the wrong reasons. Pornography 1 Mar 30 - A frank look at the world of teenage sex and young people's consumption of pornography.