Chance of hiv through oral sex

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Missing some doses can increase the viral load and the risk of transmitting HIV. Even if the food contained small amounts of HIV-infected blood or semen, exposure to the air, heat from cooking, and stomach acid would destroy the virus.

Chance of hiv through oral sex

Although HIV transmission is possible in health care settings, it is extremely rare. Within any community, the prevalence of HIV can vary among different populations.

Chance of hiv through oral sex

Chance of hiv through oral sex

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  1. Risky behaviors, like having anal or vaginal sex without using a condom or taking medicines to prevent or treat HIV, and sharing needles or syringes play a big role in HIV transmission. However, medical treatment is still vital for delaying the progress of the infection, which can eventually reach the more serious condition called AIDS.

  2. To protect yourself and your partner s , practise safer sex and avoid sharing drug equipment. Use sterile water to fix drugs.