Celebrities that made a sex tape

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The ex-boyfriend of the former Friday Nights Lights star tried to sell a tape of the two made in New Mexico. Contostavlos accused MC Ultra of releasing the tape, but he denied it. The video featured the former Motley Crue singer and porn star Janine Lindemulder having a threesome with another woman.

Celebrities that made a sex tape

A low quality film surfaced on the internet showing the professional and his ex-wife going at it. In , Usher's car was broken into and two laptops, two video cameras, and jewelry were stolen. Hayden Kho , and which were distributed over the Internet without her consent.

Celebrities that made a sex tape

Celebrities that made a sex tape

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  1. Chelsea Handler had a tape released that alternates between Handler performing standup comedy and having sex with a man.

  2. The 1 Night In Paris everyone remembers and tries hard to forget. Despite getting arrested while trying to sell a sex tape of him and the Project Runway All Stars host, the video still leaked to the internet.

  3. The same tape also contained another night of sex with his friend Justin Moritt and a model named Jennifer. In January , search engine Lycos reported that her name was among the most searched terms.