Catherine great love power sex

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It's amazing how much money was spent on entertainment, building great homes, gardens, art collections and even gems. An uninitiated reader would never guess that the country witnessed a huge upsurge of activity in arts, sciences, industry and technology, not to speak of a major push forward in terms of territorial expansion.

Catherine great love power sex

It is replete with insights into the cruelties and calculations brought to bear on life and power in an age where life, even for the aristocracy, could be short and dangerous, and thus where the active felt impelled to pursue their plans and desires with the greater force. Catherine was an interesting woman who was learned, had political savvy, and a great appreciation for the arts.

Catherine great love power sex

Catherine great love power sex

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  1. She brought great territorial gains, victory against the encroachments of the Turkish and Swedish empires, a much wider view of the world and of intellectual achievement, especially that of France.

  2. Catherine was an interesting woman who was learned, had political savvy, and a great appreciation for the arts. In this perspective, Rounding's subtitle, "Love, Sex and Power", would seem to have got things in the wrong order.

  3. She helped make them - at least the aristocrats and scholars among them - much less so. Certainly, Catherine wrote to Potemkin in her "Sincere Confession of 21 February ", "My heart is loath to remain even one hour without love", but "love" - particularly in her last years - involved a strong impulse to manage those selected as recipients of emotion by her, whether this meant nudging her lover Alexander Lanskoy into cultivated pursuits, or minutely regulating the upbringing of another Alexander, her grandson and second in line to the throne.

  4. The quintessential enlightened despot, Catherine had a capacity for flamboyant theatricality, which also extended to strategic demonstrations of simplicity.