Cast in sex lies and obsession

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When pressed, Graham explains that he interviews women about their lives, sexual experiences, and fantasies, and records them on videotape. After Graham asks if she ever thinks of having sex with other men, she admits she has thought of Graham.

Cast in sex lies and obsession

She later recounted the instructions given to her by Playboy photographer Deborah Anderson: Ann starts touching and kissing Graham; Graham turns off the camera; it is implied that the two have sex.

Cast in sex lies and obsession

Cast in sex lies and obsession

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  1. But the Rinna-Van Amstel team was eliminated in Round Seven based on audience voting, despite having higher marks from the judges than fellow celebrity dancer Jerry Rice.

  2. John rushes to Graham's apartment, suddenly hits him and then locks him out of the house. Ann then goes to Graham's place and joins Graham on the front porch, as they appear to be a couple.