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According to RDS, if a group of individuals with CSB is similar to subjects with substance and gambling addictions, than we should see decreased ventral striatal activations in the CSB group in response to the cue and during reward processing when compared to healthy controls. Similarly, in two 38 , 39 other studies on sub-clinical populations, ventral striatal activations and volumetry correlated with the amount of pornography use.

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Therefore, we can imagine that some individuals with the phenotype described by RDS have generalized hypoactivation for any type of rewards and their associated cues, and present with lower activations of the ventral striatum when compared to the general population. The same region projects output to the ventral pallidum and to the ventral tegmental area, which project output back to the prefrontal cortex through the medial dorsal nucleus of the thalamus.

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Cartoon naked girls having sex

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  1. Most common visual sexual stimuli are pornographic videos or photos cues , which increase sexual arousal and lead to masturbation ending with orgasm reward. Despite repeated attempts, the subject fails to control or significantly reduce these sexual activities, i.

  2. The only support for another theoretical framework which predicts hypoactivation of the ventral striatum in addiction, RDS theory 29 , 30 , comes partially from one study 37 , where individuals with CSB presented lower ventral striatal activation for exciting stimuli when compared to controls. For these specific cues, this group's ventral striatum can be more activated than when compared to the general population and when compared to different types of cues.