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The video featured the song's words pulsing to the music presented along with abstract geometric shapes; an effect created by Bill Konersman. To further signify the change in direction towards Music Video airplay, MTV officially dropped the Music Television tagline on February 8, from their logo in response to their increased commitment to non-scripted reality programming and other youth-oriented entertainment rising in prominence on their live broadcast.

Card clip free no sex video without

Capitalizing on the controversy, the kiss was choreographed into their live performances. However, the channel did air Olivia Newton-John 's video for the hit song " Physical ", which lavished camera time on male models working out in string bikinis who spurn her advances, ultimately pairing off to walk to the men's locker rooms holding hands, though the network ended the clip before the overt homosexual "reveal" ending in some airings.

Card clip free no sex video without

Card clip free no sex video without

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On for Wickens, he was carry to Indianapolis to vard Hinchcliffe, who had every experienced a limitless-threatening crash during Indianapolis fashionable. The focus size of glamour videos is positively higher than audio albums and every singles.
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  1. As well as this, metal band Tool 's music video for " Prison Sex " was banned from MTV, as the video and lyrics touch on the sensitive matter of child abuse. Billboard credits [29] the independently produced Video Concert Hall as being the first with nationwide video music programming on American television.

  2. In , the RIAA issued cease-and-desist letters to YouTube users to prevent single users from sharing videos, which are the property of the music labels.

  3. Without saying a word, the kid passes the car to a crew member, who hands it to Wickens for a kiss from the Sharpie.

  4. The title was a spoof of a recent pop hit "Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face" In this period, directors and the acts they worked with began to explore and expand the form and style of the genre, using more sophisticated effects in their videos, mixing film and video, and adding a storyline or plot to the music video.

  5. In , Cher 's " If I Could Turn Back Time " video where the singer performs the song in an extremely revealing body suit surrounded by a ship full of cheering sailors was restricted to late-night broadcasts on MTV.