Canadian national sex offender registry

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It is a one-stop shop for instant statistics, minus the paper trail. Last month, the provincial auditor general revealed some serious flaws: Many had finished their sentences by , and therefore didn't qualify.

Canadian national sex offender registry

Revisions were made to the legislation to enhance public safety and make the NSOR a more effective and efficient tool for police to prevent or investigate crimes of a sexual nature by identifying possible suspects known to reside in proximity of an offence site. The registry was not designed to be retroactive.

Canadian national sex offender registry

Canadian national sex offender registry

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  1. The RCMP even issued a press release, warning that a "significant risk" to "male and female children" was coming to town for a three-day visit. Forget the general public.

  2. As of today, Canada's national sex offender registry has yet to solve a single crime. And again, the RCMP felt shut out.