Can you have sex with nuvaring in

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The ring thins the lining of your uterus the endometrium. Tampons can be used safely at the same time as the Nuvaring. NuvaRing is used in a 4-week cycle.

Can you have sex with nuvaring in

Too much hormonal birth control medicine in your body may cause nausea, vomiting, or vaginal bleeding. This will also make the NuvaRing more effective in protecting against pregnancy. If it is during the first or second week of using the NuvaRing:

Can you have sex with nuvaring in

Can you have sex with nuvaring in

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  1. Until you know the results of your pregnancy test, you should use an extra method of birth control, such as male condoms with spermicide, until the new NuvaRing has been in place for 7 days in a row.