Can sex cause a miscarriage

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Doing so could transfer bacteria from your rectum to your vagina and cervix. Vaginal spotting or bleeding Your cervix bleeds every time you have intercourse You have other factors that might increase your risk for an early pregnancy loss, including:

Can sex cause a miscarriage

Your unborn child is well padded against any sexual acrobatics by the fluid-filled amniotic sac and strong uterine muscles, and he's guarded from infection by a thick mucus plug that seals the cervix. While they may not believe the pamahiin, they follow it as long as no harm comes to her or the baby. Talk with your doctor or midwife about your concerns and risk factors if you have questions or fears of having sex during your pregnancy or you are worried about changes in your desire for sex.

Can sex cause a miscarriage

Can sex cause a miscarriage

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  1. Early symptoms of pregnancy , such as morning sickness, fatigue, increased mucus discharge , and urinary frequency can make a woman feel less desirable and decrease her libido Hormonal changes in the first trimester can cause mood swings and affect sexual desire in some women.