Cabergoline increase women sex drive

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All enrolled patients provided their written informed consent for the investigation. Penile-vaginal intercourse produces a substantially greater post-orgasmic prolactin increase than masturbation does [ 6 ]. The researchers now plan to carry out trials to investigate whether Cabergoline will have the same effect on women.

Cabergoline increase women sex drive

This sample size was based on a power analysis conducted before the study, which considered our previous results [ 25 ]. If any of these side effects occur, inform your doctor immediately.

Cabergoline increase women sex drive

Cabergoline increase women sex drive

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  1. Always keep Dostinex-Cabergoline at room temperature in a tightly-closed container, away from heat and light.

  2. Statistical analysis Although all potential participants underwent laboratory investigations and completed the questionnaires, only data of patients who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria, as well as data of control subjects with normal prolactin levels, were included in the final analyses. Sexual disturbances were previously observed in a few studies involving men with elevated levels of big—big prolactin.

  3. Treatment with Cabergoline Dostinex normalized prolactin in levels, improving gonadal and sexual function and fertility males with prolactinoma, earlier than did Bromocriptine treatment. An increase in prolactin levels is observed in healthy men and women following an orgasm induced by both masturbation or coitus, but not after sexual arousal without orgasm [ 3 , 4 ].

  4. Subjects who took this drug had decreased prolactin levels, and reported their orgasm was better and there was a shorter refractory period.

  5. Macroprolactin content was higher in patients with macroprolactinemia than in the remaining groups of patients Fig. Received Aug 23; Accepted Feb