Burger sex and the city

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In an equal-pay-for-equal-work statute was upheld. In , a unanimous Court held that a federal law banning discrimination based on sex and race was applicable to law-firm hiring and promotion decisions. But more than 1, people attended at least part of the three hours of probing, measured, often quietly eloquent debate.

Burger sex and the city

Do news reporters have a right to confidentiality of their sources under the First Amendment? Once again, as it has through the years, the Court refused to countenance restraint prior to publication. Most state and federal statutes governing legal relations between men and women and their offspring have long been based on conventional forms of marriage and divorce.

Burger sex and the city

Burger sex and the city

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  1. The exclusionary rule highlights the controversy between advocates of the rights of persons accused of crime and champions of the right of a society to protect itself. Again and again, the Court has struck down state law and lower court decisions that attempted to limit publication.

  2. District Court ordered President Nixon to produce as evidence tape recordings and notes on 64 conversations that took place in the White House.

  3. The right to be present was specifically extended, in a unanimous decision in , to the jury selection process for criminal trials.

  4. On that date, the Court granted a petition to hear a case whose outcome could lead to the impeachment of the President, and set July 8 for argument. Controversies involving the press and the broadcast media are extensively reported by them, fairly in their own eyes and in those of some observers, not always so fairly in the eyes of others.