Branquinho sex and the city

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It makes you waver, and invites you to investigate. I also wanted very clean and pure lines.

Branquinho sex and the city

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Branquinho sex and the city

Branquinho sex and the city

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  1. After three years of collaborating with a number of brands, Veronique is back with a collection of her own. You know, things that are a bit more rough, but I wanted to have these rough elements in a more modern or clean way.

  2. You have to discover these little spots on a woman. Now, how about an erotic word or phrase in Dutch?

  3. First impressions are not just about the way you dress. Because desire is wanting, is not having, and this tension is a good thing.

  4. I wanted to change the backs because just a slightly deeper or rounder back could make it sexier.