Boys don t cry sex scene

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A brutal rape occurs where two men beat and rape a young woman. However, Peirce at least chose a place that was flat, so a few of the scenes do look like the Nebraska countryside.

Boys don t cry sex scene

The editing in that part was very well done, leading the viewer through a series of intercut scenes from the discovery of Brandon's sex to the rape and interrogation. Usually, a director would hope for the "really good" part to come first, but I have a feeling director Kimberly Peirce would feel differently about her film. This notion confirms the argument that by distributing harsh ratings to films containing contentious subject matter, the MPAA is in effect a body advocating censorship.

Boys don t cry sex scene

Boys don t cry sex scene

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  1. From the skilled handling of the subject matter to the effortless editing, it is hard to tell this is Peirce's first film. The Nebraskan landscape wasn't exactly accurate, either.