Biological factors in sex crime

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Evolutionists believe that it is particularly important to identify the adaptive function of a given behavior, to answer the "why" question about it. If we understand why a behavior evolved, we can appraise its utility under current circumstances, and possibly intervene constructively. Given the low base rates of sexual offending, the reported 5-fold increase among first-degree relatives equates to a 2.

Biological factors in sex crime

The likelihood is that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different genes contribute to risk of offending in some small way. Each type of aggression involves characteristic neural pathways and communication displays, and an evolutionary function. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 12,

Biological factors in sex crime

Biological factors in sex crime

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  1. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically. They reason that behavior is a property of living organisms and hence within the scope of biology, whose central theory is Darwinism.

  2. The link was also about half as strong as for full siblings, again supporting the idea that genetic factors were more powerful.