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On the other hand, some countries have multiple franchises based on language. Other versions later followed and introduced a similar concept, of which some have their own twists:

Big brother sex vid o

This twist was reused in the seventeenth US season with an easier task of successfully changing places for five weeks without being evicted. Some made modifications to this twist; others have had twins in the house together without this element of secrecy.

Big brother sex vid o

Big brother sex vid o

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  1. The Diary Room is where contestants can privately express their feelings about the game, strategy and the other contestants. A dividing wall from the ninth season was reused in the fourteenth Brazilian season , when mothers and aunts of the housemates entered for International Women's Day and stayed in the house for 6 days, though they could not be seen by the housemates.

  2. This button was to be used when a contestant wanted to leave the house voluntarily, and the contestant would be given five minutes to leave the house.