Best sex scenes in blockbusters

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They could be shockingly graphic or hysterically funny or boundary breaking in some way. The scene is downright unconventional and a total must-see!

Best sex scenes in blockbusters

As the scene pinballs between hot and scary, the heady combination of arousal and anxiety is what keeps you on the edge of your seat. He fought hard to hold onto one scene in which Dean Ryan Gosling briefly performs oral sex on Cindy Michelle Williams while showering at a hotel, and he won by taking the progressive high ground.

Best sex scenes in blockbusters

Best sex scenes in blockbusters

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  1. A depressed customer service guru voiced by David Thewlis meets and falls head over heels for a woman named Lisa Jennifer Jason Leigh during a business trip. That's where Connie Diane Lane partakes in a lunchtime quickie with Paul Oliver Martinez whilst her friends unknowingly wait outside.

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  3. Check, check, and check! But Edie engages, slapping and kicking Tom before she kisses him angrily.