Best selling insertable sex toy

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It will serve you for a long time to come. We know that any vibe is a good massager for other erogenous zones and this one is no different on that score. A versatile toy for use with your partner or on your own.

Best selling insertable sex toy

Approximately 15cm in length it is designed to be slipped over your penis and then stroked with your hand with lubricant of course. Variety is always a good thing. It is robust in feel and texture for the deeper sensation as it pulses and the shaft extends.

Best selling insertable sex toy

Best selling insertable sex toy

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  1. This model is available in differing lengths, girths and colours to suit. Start thinking about whether you want battery operated or rechargeable.

  2. If it is or first time, start small and progress up to the large. The perfect Go-To toy for any women who likes values quality and reliability.

  3. The jelly texture makes the toy manoeuvrable and pliable enough to use gently or with some force if required.