Best place to have car sex

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Just don't leave home without a blanket. Think the restroom is a better bet?

Best place to have car sex

When finished, reverse the procedure to get her out of there unseen. This makes it a little less obvious you are having sex, with the added bonus of both of you can also enjoy watching the movie," she says. However, one of the biggest hurdles of making this happen is figuring out how to navigate and twist your no-longer-high-school-aged body to fit in a small car.

Best place to have car sex

Best place to have car sex

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  1. The key to successfully pulling off this public sex experience is coming prepared — she needs to easily be able to mount you, and you need to be comfortable sitting down in a not-always-sanitary situation.

  2. In The Movie Theater Like a private restroom, the trick to making this rendezvous exciting and successful is going during a random time where not many people are in the theater. Sex expert Coleen Singer adds that another appeal of this type of romp is the throwback vibes it provides.

  3. The Changing Room While you definitely get bored after, say, one minute, of shopping with your girlfriend, the thought that gets you through the many outfit changes is that she's butt naked behind that curtain or door. That's why getting it on while hiking might be on your romp bucket list.