Best lubrication for anal sex

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Conclusion It's obvious that lubrication makes any sex better but it is an absolute necessity for enjoyable anal sex for both partners involved. Oil lubes like coconut cannot be used with latex or rubber toys.

Best lubrication for anal sex

Glycerin-free versions do not promote yeast infections. A velvety feel combined with high-grade silicone products makes this a must-try lube. Also I recommend water-based lubricants as they have less chemicals and are primarily made of water.

Best lubrication for anal sex

Best lubrication for anal sex

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  1. Water-based lubricants have two main downsides: The anus, however, lacks this ability and needs the judicious use of something slippery to help prevent against irritation.

  2. Remember to keep your fingers trimmed and clean to avoid damaging the sensitive skin in and around the anus.

  3. Use silicone lubes with glass or plastic toys only. My first suggestion would be to switch over to latex free condoms and see if that helps.