Az sex offender web site

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Absent additional or subsequent convictions a person convicted of either of those two offenses must register for a period of ten years from the date that the person is released from prison, jail, probation, community supervision or parole and the person has fulfilled all restitution obligations. The department of public safety shall annually verify the addresses of all sex offender registration records contained within the Arizona criminal justice information system.

Az sex offender web site

The department of public safety shall maintain a separate database and search function on the website that contains any required online identifier of sex offenders whose risk assessments have been determined to be a level two or level three and the name of any website or internet communication service where the required online identifier is being used. The internet sex offender website shall include the following information for each convicted or adjudicated guilty except insane sex offender in this state who is required to register pursuant to section This section does not apply to an offender during any time that the offender is incarcerated in the state department of corrections.

Az sex offender web site

Az sex offender web site

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  1. Information is considered criminal history; violation of confidentiality is a felony. Offenders Required to Register:

  2. This information shall not be publicly connected to the name, address and photograph of a registered sex offender on the website. Offenders Required to Register: