Asian women and oral sex

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Asian women and oral sex

International Journal of Health Geographics, 30, Women, on the other hand, are still socialized to be reluctant to express their sexual desires, and to be more hesitant about new or novel sexual behaviors than men. It suggested that sexual attitudes are more adoptive to the westernization, while sexual behavior are consistent with the historical or traditional culture, which is a well-known finding in social psychology studies that attitudes and behavior may be discordant [19].

Asian women and oral sex

Asian women and oral sex

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  1. Second, it represents a big gap between acceptance and practice of oral sex in Guangdong China.

  2. Third, this is only a descriptive study, and the related impact factors were not well taken into account. It was found that the attitudes toward sexuality in China, since ancient time, a patriarchal society, were negative and repressive, and sexual behavior was restricted and forbidden outside of wedlock, and it was viewed as having a solely reproductive role [1] -[5].

  3. Masturbation From a public health perspective, masturbation is considered as a safe sexual activity.

  4. This might be related to that young men would be more concerned with the quality and the quantity of their sex behavior.