Arguments for the sex offender registry

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However, these findings speak to the scope of the problem of American sex offender registries, as approximately 1 percent of black men in the U. A more limited study published in the same journal that confined its work to Washington, D. In other words, extensive public notification did not deter future offenses.

Arguments for the sex offender registry

For instance, it's difficult to see why sex offenders should be automatically denied commercial driver's licenses or barred from working as insurance agents. When it comes to the most important presumed function of the registries — keeping pedophiles out of schools — they seem to be failing dramatically.

Arguments for the sex offender registry

Arguments for the sex offender registry

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  1. Some sex offenders may be resistant to all treatment and unable to control their urges to molest children.

  2. Whatever the ultimate figure, it would be easy to reduce the size and scope of sex-offender registries — and the hardships imposed on those who have committed only minor offenses — while actually increasing public safety.

  3. Broad delegations of authority to the executive branch form the foundation of modern regulatory government.

  4. Adults convicted of offenses like indecent exposure, public urination, prostitution or soliciting prostitution, kidnapping their own children as part of a custody dispute, and consensual incest with other adults all deserve various forms of social censor or punishment or both. After ordering them to lie face down in a ditch, the man told all three boys to turn over, asked their ages, and examined their faces.