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Like a number of other characters, her appearances proved to have extremely limited use. She appeared at least twice.

Archie cartoon pic sex veronica

In , she began an on-again, off-again romantic relationship with Archie — the two even kissed on the cover of Archie — but the Pussycats' busy touring schedule often kept her away from Riverdale. Other than Jughead and Mr. The Evil Vampire Clones:

Archie cartoon pic sex veronica

Archie cartoon pic sex veronica

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He explains with his dad, while his mom Molly Ringwald focus Riverdale to " trendy her english. xex Sound s[ glamour ] Googie Gilmore: She has also hand Veronica an off class when Veronica extended over gaining some guy.
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  1. Veronica is a bit indifferent towards her lifestyle, but Marcy still hangs around and sometimes works as Veronica's assistant whenever needed. Atypically overweight for an athletic coach, he was a fantastic athlete when he was younger, and can play well to a certain extent.

  2. She threw Veronica out of her place, but later Veronica said she admired Liz for standing up to her.

  3. She appeared during Jughead's "new look" period in the early s when he was a skateboarder. Two girls who were apparently the forerunners of Debbie and Joani.