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Apart from reducing partner numbers or increasing condom use no other recommendations are currently in place to reduce the risk of HIV acquisition and onward transmission for HIV-negative men practicing UAI with multiple partners. Since the majority of MSM in Europe have been tested for HIV at least once [ 2 , 6 , 7 ] and intentional transmission or acquisition of HIV are extremely rare, most new transmissions occur when HIV serostatus is not or is incorrectly communicated between sex partners.

Anal ml party sex sex

This process is summarized in Fig. It is not uncommon that men engage in a number of episodes of UAI with multiple partners before they re-assess their HIV status. The latter may involve people making incorrect assumptions about serostatus concordance without direct communication, being unaware of having been infected since the last negative HIV test, or communicating an outdated negative serostatus.

Anal ml party sex sex

Anal ml party sex sex

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  1. In brief, EMIS was an anonymous, self-administered online survey conducted simultaneously in 25 languages across 38 countries, with a final sample size of , respondents. The survey was accessible online from June 6 to August 31,