Alcohol effects on teen sex

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First, some, but not all, theoretical determinants of sexual risk behavior were affected as hypothesized. Most recently, Weinhardt et al. Teens that drink are more likely to have unprotected sex, have sex with a stranger, or engage in various forms of sexual activity.

Alcohol effects on teen sex

Clinical and Experimental Research. Drug use among adolescent mothers:

Alcohol effects on teen sex

Alcohol effects on teen sex

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  1. Because men have more direct control over condom use, psychological factors theoretically related to condom use should emerge more consistently and strongly among men than among women. Manual for the Youth Self Report and Profile.

  2. Second, although some critical-incident designs allow within-subject comparisons and can, therefore, control for dispositional variables, few authors conducted the necessary within-subject analyses, instead analyzing the events as if they were independent. Amount consumed did not differ, however, based on whether anal intercourse occurred or whether condoms were used for anal intercourse.

  3. Relationship between alcohol consumption and victim behaviors immediately preceding sexual aggression by an acquaintance. Date rape among adolescents and young adults.

  4. According to the American Medical Association, scientific evidence suggests that even modest alcohol consumption in adolescence can result in permanent brain damage.