Albanian gay men

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And it will be sort of a guide for the LGBT community to vote in a smart way. And also to give them the possibility to tell their story you know — to create an oral archive.

Albanian gay men

We have had cases of violence especially from brothers, against their younger brothers, extreme violence sometimes and the problem is that the community is quite unresponsive and not willing to report that violence. Ottoman Empire[ edit ] In , the Ottoman Empire legalized same-sex sexual intercourse.

Albanian gay men

Albanian gay men

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  1. Shehu should avoid discriminatory remarks in the future, which cause an atmosphere of tension and unfriendliness towards the LGBT community in Albania. But then afterwards, after complaining and complaining and the fact that the Commissioner was treating that institution in an extremely bureaucratic way, there is the right somehow — come on — to protest against that; not against her personally but with some of the ways she was dealing with the issues.