Against abstinence only sex education

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If students did give away "their gift", it would be ruined, they were told. In the face of this convincing scientific evidence, the administration of President Barack Obama made a major policy change. In August , however, Obama lost a vote in congress to abolish Title V altogether.

Against abstinence only sex education

The US abstinence-only-until-marriage programme The US abstinence-only-until-marriage programme Ironically, these are exactly the kind of sentiments attributed to young people involved in American programmes that have actively campaigned against the provision of comprehensive sex education to young people. Just ask Bristol Palin, the famous teen mom of Sarah Palin, who went through abstinence-only education and later called it "not realistic". Students need sexual education that's comprehensive, medically accurate, and free from shame and ideology.

Against abstinence only sex education

Against abstinence only sex education

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  1. However they also included unbiased information on methods teenagers could use if they were sexually active, including condoms and oral contraceptives. Comprehensive sex education packages, often financed by states or local authorities, included abstinence as one of the strategies teenagers could use.

  2. Some students who have had abstinence-only education or took virginity pledges will delay sexual activity by a few months, but given that these same young people are much less likely to use contraception, that extra time as an ill-informed virgin hardly seems worth forgoing a real sexual education.

  3. Students who are taught abstinence-only education still have sex , leaving them at risk from STDs and pregnancies because they were not taught how to protect themselves.

  4. Further, most abstinence-only education is abstinence-only-until-marriage education, which excludes most LGBT youth.

  5. Huber, who was suspended from her position at the Ohio Department of Health after a state ethics investigation in , is founder of the National Abstinence Educators Association, which later became Ascend. Politico reports that Valerie Huber, a longtime abstinence-only activist turned Department of Health and Human Services HHS staffer, will be making decisions about federal family planning funds.