African american education sex youth

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The study also found young people embracing newer forms of political involvement. A majority of African-American youth also opposed legalizing same-sex marriages, 58 percent for blacks, 36 percent for Hispanics and 35 percent for whites.

African american education sex youth

Sexuality, Society and Learning, describes the major themes that emerged during the focus groups which informed the creation of our current core research project, HOPE. Black youths are, overall, disproportionately poor with few life options to encourage them to protect against pregnancy. To obtain a more comprehensive education, youth seek information from other sources such as parents and healthcare providers.

African american education sex youth

African american education sex youth

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  1. Working under these assumptions, program planners must reassess the extent to which their programs are appropriate and effective.

  2. Broadly speaking, programs should not simply promote abstinence, but should also offer risk reduction strategies to youths who will be sexually active. The study showed that 62 percent of black youth, 54 percent of Hispanic youth and 62 percent of white youth think rap music videos are degrading to black women.