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If you arrive late for your visit, you are not guaranteed the full one hour. If you have questions, please feel free to ask the visiting room officer. Smoking is not permitted at any Department of Corrections facility.

Adult sex group in turner oregon

It is the inmates responsibility to inform all approved visitors of the visiting rules. Staff will monitor your visits. No more than three 3 visitors may visit at a time.

Adult sex group in turner oregon

Adult sex group in turner oregon

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  1. Due to space limitations and other scheduled visits if you are thirty 30 minutes late for your scheduled visit, the visit will be denied, and you will have to reschedule with the facility. An area is provided for you to store these items.

  2. One of the following is required for those children under 16 years of age: Basic visits will be allowed with two of the following:

  3. All Basic visits must be scheduled with the facility in advance and are one 1 hour in length. The following information is required:

  4. Wrap around skirts, dresses and tops are not permitted. Visitors are encouraged to contact the facility prior to visiting if they have any questions regarding appropriate clothing.