Adam and eve sex toys

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I figure they used my billing address to send the letter. Harvey, in the 80s, successfully sued the Justice Department—who really wanted to shut him down—for harassment and for violating his First Amendment Rights.

Adam and eve sex toys

Thankfully, it was just my boyfriend who saw it and it was no big deal. I am putting together a blog about products I think are cool for later this week, but today, I just wanted to let our readers know the history behind the company. Visit them online at AdamEve.

Adam and eve sex toys

Adam and eve sex toys

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  1. I hope you agree. Yesterday, I got home and there was a promotional mailing from Adam and Eve with their name clearly written on the return label!

  2. More importantly, should companies that make a point of sending out mailings in discreet packages extend their customers the same courtesy for all mailings?

  3. A few weeks ago, I ordered some…things…from AdamandEve. Here in North Carolina, Adam and Eve is known as an excellent place to work.