80 s italian sex films

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But things are never as simple as they may first pertain to be. As the genre matured, budgets sometimes increased, as evidenced in 's I sette gladiatori The Seven Gladiators in US release , a wide-screen epic with impressive sets and matte-painting work.

80 s italian sex films

For better or worse, the film also consolidated her diva nude image. A "film-machine" who produced dozens of titles per year, his repertoire was frequently repeated.

80 s italian sex films

80 s italian sex films

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  1. Deluged in a welter of fart gags and breasts, the genre was obsessively consumed with the body. In a desperate attempt to gain access to the heart or a lower body part of an unfeasibly glamorous and unobtainable female, a veritably gaggle of bumbling buffoons, deluded fools and incompetent idiots self-destructed on screen for our amusement.

  2. You can find out about the weird and wonderful world of Filmbar70 below! In the first luci rosse cinema red light cinema opened in Italy.