1982 bronx new york court sex cases

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Its precincts have recorded high violent crime rates and are all considered to be New York City Police Department "impact zones. There are several obvious misspellings of common given names, like "Rchard" for "Richard", etc.

1982 bronx new york court sex cases

During baseball season, the station helps ease overcrowding on the subway. There is no consistency about how surnames with suffixes like "Jr" are handled. According to one row in the Brooklyn spreadsheet, Brooklyn marriage license numbers through for the year are apparently "void".

1982 bronx new york court sex cases

1982 bronx new york court sex cases

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  1. Although both the concurring and dissenting opinions reason that defendant's statement was an admission, as the People failed to offer the evidence under that theory, the merits are not before us for review see People v Nieves, 67 NY2d , [] [People could not rely upon a theory of a statement's admission on appeal that the People did not advance at trial].

  2. For example, someone named "Louise Karen Jones" who married in the 's would have had her given name recorded as either "Louise" or "Louise Karen" and her middle name recorded as NULL in this database.

  3. But please let us know how you're using it, so we can link to your website or project, and show off all the cool stuff people have done with this open data. The suffixes were unfortunately included in the surname column directly, not in their own column.

  4. So far, we have discovered that there are at least 28, to 30, missing records for Manhattan for ! It seems equally clear that the baby-sitter's testimony about the uncharged rape is the sort of evidence that Molineux would ordinarily bar.